Gain Clarity, Confidence & Find Your Elegant Sales Flow

If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, author, speaker, health and wellness practitioner, coach or consultant and you’ve been sharing your gifts, providing amazing value, attending tonnes of networking functions and still struggling to get good sales, then I have some great news!

You can at last discover why your sales aren’t skyrocketing.

And more importantly, WHAT YOU CAN DO TO CHANGE THAT!

Hey Everyone, I’m Julie Mason.  I’m known by many as “The Social Media Princess” and for my stellar track-record in sales.
You see, I’ve been in sales for over 25 years and of that, I’ve spent 15 years in door-to-door cold calling across diverse products and industries.  In this time, I’ve had the pleasure of training hundreds of entrepreneurs and small businesses how to sell their products and services easily and elegantly both online and offline.

For most of my clients, it is just making small, easy-to-implement changes that can make a huge difference right away.

When I first started selling all those years ago, my results would be random at best.  Some days, sales would be great and other days it sucked big time.


What I discovered is that…

…selling is not just regurgitating all the features and benefits of what you offer…


to your prospect in the hopes that something sticks.


It’s this beautiful dance between creating desire in your prospect, displaying optimum service, building trust and rapport and drawing them to an elegant conclusion.


Everyone is in sales…some just have better developed skills!


The keyword there is SKILL. 


That means it can be developed and/or improved upon.


Just imagine…


How much more money would you be making if you could improve your sales just by 10%?


What would be the impact if you were able to increase your existing results by 20%?  30%?  50%?  Or even 100%?

I have worked with hundreds of business owners across a wide variety of industries and services and the biggest concern they have is…


“I don’t want to seem salesy, sleezy or pushy”

Can you relate?

I believe many of us feel that way and yet so many businesses I work with allow that fear to hinder their ability to share their unique offerings with the world.

It doesn’t matter how amazing you are at what you do if people don’t buy your program, hire you as their accountant, sign up for your 90 day personal fitness training or buy your gorgeous organic skincare.

The fact is that your amazing skills, knowledge or talent has zero impact if you are not getting people to invest in what you offer.

Over the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners and seen them struggle to articulate the value they offer and create desire for that offer within their potential clients.

They either don’t give the information that can help people make the choice to buy your products and services or they give too much information and create a decision paralysis within the prospective client and that ultimately ends with no sale.


“I have been privileged to work 1:1 with Julie Mason. Although, I know my craft exceptionally well I have struggled to…

  • define my unique selling points and
  • how to articulate my magic in a way that makes it a no brainer for my ideal client to come and work with me.

I am in awe of how quickly Julie has been able to grasp my core business and then communicate it in a way that creates the “no brainer” magic I was looking for. I cannot recommend Julie’s training highly enough” Julie Lewin,


Julie, I’m so ready to invest in myself and gain clarity and confidence in sales.



We’ll start by defining who your ideal clients are and what are the motivators that make them want to buy.  You’ll learn how to structure your message so that it is clear, concise and compelling for them.  We’ll then look at where to find your ideal clients easily and ways to attract them towards you. And lastly, how to price your services to reflect your value.


Day two is where it all comes together in creating your elegant sales flow!  This is also where we’ll overcome any fear of sales that you may have so that you feel calm and confident in any sales situation.

“Julie’s elegant sales processes have completely changed the way I both uncover my client’s needs and also how I determine whether my products and services would be of benefit to them and if yes, which ones would best suit.

I have always had a career in retail and sales however these processes have given me a clear process that works.”

Michelle O’Hara

How do you know if this 2-day retreat is perfect for you?

You WANT to improve your sales so that you can have financial abundance

You WANT to be paid what your worth

You WANT to know how to find your ideal prospects easily

You WANT to help your ideal clients get awesome results

You WANT to feel calm and confident in any sales situation


We’ll continue to support you after the event in an online Facebook Support Group where you can ask questions, get advice and support from myself and the other attendees at the event.


You’ll be able to join me for four weeks after the event in a live video conference call where you can share your wins and successes and get vital feedback to help you improve your sales conversions.

Invest in your success in attending
Elegant Selling 2-Day Retreat on
Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th April 2016
at Next Hotel, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia